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In today’s world of competence it is very difficult to get the right developers hired for your project at a very competitive price and with the time flexibility. Hiring dedicated resources here in India gives you many benefits such a very cost effective, reduces other cost such as Recruitment, Training, Promotions and Infrastructure.

You can design your business strategy by hiring the right mix of people which will help to excel in your business. You can interact directly with your team to know the status of your project. With the help of time tracking software you can have direct control over your team. You can also recruit a Project Manager who will summarize the status of your development. We follow strict NDA terms.
Here are the few questions which are raised while taking this decision:

We have to start somewhere; well we can start with a small project or task where we observe each other in terms of Quality of Work, Communication, Deadlines, and Payment etc.

We have a certain minimum billing i.e. 1 day/8 hours.

You can provide us your requirement for the particular project, accordingly we can suggest you few developers, and you can have a discussion with them and shortlist your team.

We have implemented a time tracking tool which enables you to assign work to your team and the dashboard provides you the minute details of the project and the team.

We have internal server with version control. We store our projects on central repository and maintain continuous back-up.

There might be many more questions unanswered but you can write the same to

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